Thursday, July 8, 2010

Warmachine: A New Experience For An Old Painter

These are some figures from my very first Warmachine figures. Even though they were a commission it was fun to do them because I haven't had the capital to start up my own Mercenaries group thanks to my friend and I being in an arms race in Flames of War.

Before I put the pics up here are some observations about painting my first warjacks and the Khador color scheme. First of all I love metal figures and I think Warmachine will be a great place to throw all of my serious painting hobby love. I love steampunk, love warjacks, love metal and painting it so I'm getting excited now for my Mercs. Only down side to the metal was trying to hold up a Behemoth warjack for extended paint sessions with a minor tear in my labrum (shoulder).

Now a downside, the Khador color scheme is grossly under developed. Perhaps they are trying to show the dour nature of the country but all of the red warjacks in the gallery seemed very bland. The color scheme was tooled up in a boring way in that they used battle damage to cover up the very limited color pallet. There is no contrasting color in the scheme and they just seem very bland. That being said throw in that cream/khaki color and you have a really nice contrasting color which made me have a lot of fun painting the Beast-09. That is once I found out after painting it red that it had that color. Communicate with your painters people and painters try to make sure you know everything about every color scheme in every army so that you don't get caught out I guess. So on to the pictures.



Frost Axe Detail
The best thing that I've learned over the last year is how to have fun with thin paints. That's the whole secret behind the frost on the axe. One light coat of white over the blade then I stippled a little more white to shot the crystallization. Finally I added some wisps up from the frost so that it seemed more aesthetically pleasing to me.