Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bio and Mission Statement

I started tabletop gaming fifteen years ago with Warhammer 40,000 2nd edition and after all of these years and about three times as many game systems learned I'm 26. I've played and in some cases still play every game that Games Workshop has put out during those 15 years and basically for 95% of that time I only played Games Workshop games for my miniature strategy game experience. I started my gaming life in an LGS and after a brief break from everything during college I returned to gaming by working at a Games Workshop hobby center and had a renaissance where I started painting seriously and made a lot of friends. After working at Games Workshop I moved to Japan for a year but my gaming didn't slow down and I made more friends and learned what gaming is like in the land of the rising sun. Coming back from Japan wasn't a smooth transition work wise and I got stuck as a commission painter for a few years until I now where I work odd jobs and commission paint for fun.

I'm a very active tabletop gamer and hobbyist and if I convert every commission and personal hobby project that I do, anyone who follows this blog will get to enjoy a lot of pictures and maybe a good amount of tutorials. In my quest to figure out better ways for me to enjoy gaming I've branched out quite a bit and have begun to play games from non GW licenses and quite a few boardgames. I want to share my knowledge and accomplishments in gaming with the world, hopefully they want to see and hear it.

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