Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why The Name?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story of the Sword of Damocles it tells of a courtier of the King Dionysus the II who is allowed to sit at the king's seat for a day. Damocles enjoys the opulence and luxury of the position until he realizes that above the king's seat is a sword hanging above his head held by a thin thread. Damocles immediately gives up the seat when he realizes what dangers lie with the benefits of power.

Now at times my sentiment might follow this idea of the encapsuled dangers of responsibility and standing but most of the time I'll be stretching the concept to the constant feeling of dread that has come upon me lately, I feel it hanging above me ready to cut the fun out of how I'm used to enjoying the hobby. Games Workshop gaming has been a nearly all encompassing body of my gaming life for the last 15 years but along with all of this time comes certain affectations and an every increasing hatred of change. After 15 years something has snapped in me and the games that I loved just don't seem the same anymore which has put me quite soundly into a depression.

Other reasons that I chose the name: I'm a huge Rocky Horror Picture Show fan and The Sword of Damocles is a pretty good part; the Damocles Gulf Crusade is the inception of the Tau which has brought some interesting things in discussions of 40k background; and Squad Damocles is the featured unit in Brothers of the Snake by Dan Abnett, which started me on my Iron Snakes Space Marine army.

Don't tune me out here though because if you are taking the time to read hobby blogs then you are obviously currently very much into gaming and that means you are enjoying yourself and don't want to listen to a cantankerous internet troll talking about how the game that you still love isn't what it should be. I'm not starting this blog to complain, I'm starting this blog to work out my issues and begin enjoying the overall hobby again. My malaise is not a petty thing cooked up by someone with a casual interest in the hobby, I am very serious about all aspects that we as gamers enjoy and it is the amount of time that I like to spend in our little niche that has me very lost as I suddenly came to realize that I wasn't sure how to enjoy the games anymore.

The point of the blog will be to type the monkey off of my back and try to explain to you and myself what that monkey is.

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