Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tervigon Finished

I'm just going to put this out there as a series of pictures. There isn't much to teach or talk about with this paint scheme since it's all easy techniques. Black carapace with Dark Angel, Snot, Scorpion striations and Regal, Mordian, Ice layering for the body parts with the Claws being another simple striation paint job of Shadow, Space Wolves, Skull. It's been really strange having to show everyone the pictures so that they understand it was much more of a conversion that I'm proud of rather than a color scheme that I'm on the fence about. So here we go. I wish I got a comparison picture next to a tiny little Carnifex.

Front Close-up

Full View Side
Aww, She's Hugging
Back Carapace
Birthing Vents

Well it was a fun trip but I'm unfortunately too lazy to do the birthed sack of adrenal gland bugs like I wanted to. I wouldn't say I have hobby ADD, I'm more of a hobby realist and I can't keep working on this project. My idea for the sack of bugs would have involved painting between a half dozen and a dozen little adrenal bugs and make a sack like mold. I'd then put the bugs into the mold and pour in a clear resin so that you could see the bugs in the sack on the floor next to the left birthing vents. More ideas involved me converting the tiny adrenal bugs to have legs and have them walk around like on the Codex cover. Hell maybe next time. I'm proud of how she turned out overall and I'm really surprised that the back looks as smooth as it does after looking at those big gaps when I first sandwiched the two Carnifex bodies together.


  1. Gunzhard here:

    Joe, I hope you don't mind me stealing your color scheme here (thanks for the recipe)... because I'm doing it anyway. :)

    Looking really amazing dude - nice work!

  2. Anyone who wants the color scheme it's yours. I'm not the greatest fan of it actually, the Nids that I eventually plan to do after I get my Flames and Warmachine armies finished will look a far cry different.