Monday, June 7, 2010

Long Lost Eldar 1 - The Avatar

These are Eldar from a commission that I worked on a couple of years ago. While my high quality work has gotten better this is still a really good display of my tabletop work and I'm still very happy with some of the ideas that I came up with at the time

The Avatar of Khaine, The Bloody Handed God

I always felt that the dark beaten copper or brass of the normal Avatar paint scheme seemed at odds with the glittering metals of the rest of the race. This led me to want to paint an Avatar in the most pristine coat of Mithril Silver that I could manage. I stayed with the traditional molten core.

Thinking about the hot molten energy beneath these shimmering plates of clean silver metal made me think of real world situations that I've seen. This led me to give the clean metal the look of carbon scoring where the edge meets the molten metal and air. Through the legs here you can see the scorched remains of a space marine with nothing but ash spilling out of the abdomen.

When I was close to being finished I realized that the crest made the model look unfinished and that it needed some detailing. I had just purchased the Confrontation rulebook which has some of the nicest paint jobs that I've ever seen and I mimicked some of the metallic fade-out diamond patterns that I've seen. Not perfect and not NMMs but it did the trick.

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